waiting game.

do you ever feel that you are playing a constant waiting game? does life seem to inch along, just an annoying little road block? that's...kind of where i am right now. it feels a bit like i'm stuck in the mud, confused and worried about where i might end up. i have a dream, but the means to get there are kind of on hold for a bit. sometimes, it's as if all the big things become huge and bulky, they block my view and keep me from enjoying the tiny things, the beautiful little things that i never would have experienced otherwise.

like snow.

i've never driven in the snow before, and i've now done it two, let me hear it, TWO days in a row. yeah. i'm proud. at first i was frustrated and annoyed. um, hello? i just moved from los angeles where it rains, like, twice every never and snows even less. the icy, abominable weather made it so i couldn't even open my door, much less separate my windshield wipers from the frosty glass. it took a couple minutes and cold water, after which i got my frosty fingers and bad attitude on the road.

not a good combo. i promise.

as taylor swift tried to calm me down (thanks, girl), i watched as the snow fell from the car in front of me. it was...neat. and different. it didn't just fall to the ground, but swam in swift curlicues, fluttering just a breath above the road. like little fairy wings, a bit of natural glitter. i don't want to sound silly or cliche, but it was a bit magical. as the sun broke over the rattling, empty trees, it lit up the frost and made the whole world sparkle.

 it took a little bit of God's creation, a small piece of wintery beauty, to make me smile. life wouldn't be an adventure if we got to the finish line quickly,right? it's in the magic of a moment, the sweetness of those unexpected twists and turns, that make it worth living.

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