thirty-second dance party.

{excuse the subtitles ;) }
i'm not sure if any of you readers out there are grey's anatomy regulars, but i definitely am. and these two best friends? make me very, very happy. i'm a HUGE fan of dancing when i'm stressed or upset, even though i'm usually alone. or in the car. especially on hollywood boulevard where no one cares and the druggies on the street bob their heads and start dancing, too. it embarrasses my best friend to no end, but hey. life. 

there was definitely one time in africa when i was really homesick...and i danced to reba mcentire for about ten minutes in the bathroom. by the end i was sweating, smiling, and laughing. isn't it funny, how something so simple can make a day just that much better? 

and, it seems like i'm not alone with my 'thirty-second dance party' obsession.. you can catch a few of my favorite 'dancing' moments here, here, and here, plus check out this ultra-cute proposal just because it's flippin' adorable. and it's a proposal, i mean. how can it get any better than that?
back in high school, i apparently felt the same way. this picture? was taken when one of my best friends and i dressed up in "80's" attire and filmed an exceedingly embarrassing 'dance party' video to the music of pat benatar and the 'grease' soundtrack.' we thought we were pretty cool. and, i mean, obviously we were. just check out our converse knock-offs! ;)

happy monday, everyone! hope you have a week full of '30 second' dance parties :)


  1. I am always amazed how a quick little dance party makes my mood better. I hate to cook but I find if I blast the tunes in the kitchen while making dinner, it is much more fun. My neighbors probably think that I am the whack job dancing in my kitchen!

  2. THE DANCING VIDEOS! HAHAHAHA SO GREAT! That proposallll. :) Who hasn't seen it? YAY FOR DANCING WOOO!


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